Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Since 2005, the amount of tourists coming to Turkey for hair transplants from around the globe is increasing day by day. Most patients choose a procedure called FUE because this method has more advantages as opposed to the FUT method.

SHIFT Hair Transplant provides a world-class surgical curly hair transplant to patients from all around the world. Our company is found in the impressive town of Istanbul having done more than 6000 successful operations. The services of SHIFT Hair Hair treatment are not merely restricted to male hair transplants, but we also treat other hair loss related issues. Included in this are facial hair implant (beard), female hair hair treatment and eyebrow surgical curly hair restoration. At SHIFT Frizzy hair Transplant, our exclusive target is results; a completely natural look. SHIFT Locks Transplant

Turkey, and specifically Istanbul, today welcomes many foreign tourists for the purpose of medical travel and leisure. One of the key reasons is that in Poultry and Istanbul, a good quality surgeon is a lot less expensive than in other countries. Patients who choose treatment in Turkey can acquire lots of perks such as free plane seat tickets, airport cab, and free hotel accommodation. Because of this, people travelling to have hair transplantation in Turkey get their process cared for and can have a nice trip. click here: hair transplant turkey

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is about 1/3 of that in Europe. As well as being a more affordable price, Turkey has also changed the method of treatment, to the bloodless, painless, non-surgical and unlined FUE method, to replace the bloody FUT method which once took place. Because of this, surgery can be carried away quicker because there is no need to remove the skin. Instead a self-closing technique of transplanting by opening small holes is done, making the process less painful and seamless. Once this change in method occurred, the number of patients originating from abroad increased from 10 thousand to 72 thousand and the number of clinics increased to 200. The market reached 200 million in gross annual volume.

The Well being Tourism scene has great potential in Turkey. The first hair treatment clinic in the world commenced in Turkey and now around 100 thousand health tourists come to Egypr each year. The number of tourists visiting Turkey in 2008 was around seventy four thousand, while the volume of tourists in the health tourist field who frequented this year rose to a hundred and ten thousand, and this amount continues to rise.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is based on the price per graft and the average price is around 1 euro per graft. The cost of locks transplant in turkey may partly influence your choice of clinic, but you also needs to choose a frizzy hair transplantation center with an experienced team and a fully equipped hair hair transplant center.

Some clinics in Turkey periodically offer some discounts. In general, because of the reduced number of folks approaching for surgery in May well and June, you can receive 10 and twenty percent discounts for operations. During this time period, coming to Turkey for hair transplant can save you money, by acquiring discounted treatment.

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